What’s your refund policy?

A refund will be issued to you as long as you cancel before the first class date.

What does tuition cover?

Tuition for all of our courses, excluding CE courses, includes books, insurance, and name tag.

Do I need to be an EMT-Basic before I take the AEMT or Paramedic Course?

In order to take an AEMT or Paramedic course, you must already be an EMT-Basic.

Where can I find my books for the EMT-Basic or AEMT course?

Books will be provided for each course, included with tuition.

Where can I find my books for the Paramedic course?

Resources for the Paramedic course are provided via two year subscription to a digital online library. Tuition covers the cost of this subscription.

Can I pay with Financial Aid or G.I. Bill?

Unfortnately, we do not accept Financial Aid or the G.I. Bill.

What do I need before to start a class?

You will need your High School Diploma or GED, and ID or Driver’s License when submitting your application. An up to date Vaccination Record, Titers, Two-Step TB Skin Test, and Community Wide Orientation (CWO) are needed before the start of clinical rotations. This will be reiterated during orientation on the first class day, however, it is recommended to begin the process of obtaining these items before class begins, so as to ensure you meet the deadline before clinical rotations begin.

What immunizations and titers do I need?

Immunizations needed are MMR, Varicella, Tdap, Hep B, and Seasonal Flu. Positive titers are needed for MMR, Varicella, Tdap, and Hep B.

What is the Two-Step TB Skin Test?

The Two-Step TB Skin Test detects if you have a current Tuberculosis infection. This test ensures that our students are in good health and do not pose a threat to patients when in the clinical setting, as well as maintaining the standards set forth by the hospitals where clinical rotaions are held.